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Question goes to Mr.stijntje. I know you bind your stars with NC lacquer as you mentioned it in the aerial shells thread, i'd like to know how hard are they, do they crumble easily? Also if anyone else uses NC lacquer to bind their stars i'd like to hear some experiences.


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Pumping (or cutting) stars goes very well with NC lacquer!
I use 1 'pingpong' ball on 50ml of acetone, works fine.

Just pour some NC-lacquer on your mix, and stir well. If it becomes crumbly, it's OK, if it becomes sticky, you've used too much NC lacquer.

Then pump or cut the stars. Do this quickly since the acetone evapourates quickly. The largest batch of stars I have made at once was 50 grams of star mixture. If you use more, you might need to add some extra acetone or NC-laquer after a while.

So just don't make too much at once. :)

When the stars are fully dried (wich is after about 2 or 3 hours) you can throw them on whatever you want, they won't break. ;)

So nothing about crumbling etc... :D

I hope that I've informed you enough.


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