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  1. pudidotdk

    Rocket Tools

    http://www.flashnet.dk/rts/ Program for sketching rockets
  2. Hey Guys, I wonder if you could help me out here. I have searched in my country for 70 lb kraft paper but without luck. That stuff is somehow impossible to come by. I came across this site: http://www.rajapack.nl/webapp/wcs/stores/s...tegory_rn=13136 It's kinda expensive, but since I don't understand a word could you help me out on how much shipping one, two or three of those rolls would cost to ship to Denmark? Or even better, anyone know where to get similar paper cheaper?
  3. pudidotdk


    If we are thinking of trhe same "thinner", it's the stuff used to thin cellulose lacquer (nitrocellulose lacquer with some resins in it) which contains acetone, toluene and ispropanol. It would work, but I would think that just pure acetone would be better? Not sure of how toluene dissolves NC.
  4. pudidotdk

    Cut Star Loaf Box

    http://creagan.net/fireworks/cutstars.html Yup, like that.
  5. pudidotdk

    Cut Star Loaf Box

    Hmm, took about three days. Of course not full days, but evenings and such :D
  6. pudidotdk

    Cut Star Loaf Box

    Hi, it's generally a box where damp composition is rammed in using the square rammer in increments. The box is then turned upside down so you have a loaf of star composition, which you slice like bread. You then cut each slice of "bread" like you normally cut stars :D
  7. pudidotdk

    Cut Star Loaf Box

    I made a loaf box, inspired by the one on Passfire. It consist of a box, roughly 80x120x100mm, and is smaller at the bottom in order to get the star loaf out. Also a rammer with a handle from an awl and a block of wood filled with lead in each side to make it heavier (I covered the lead with some white coloured filler). I havn't tried it out yet, though. But I think it will work just fine, even though the scrap wood I used is crooked by being in the humid garage It was treated with some kitchen table oil so the wood won't get ruined. Here are some pics, with some recycled kraft on the walls of the box in order of easy removal of the star loaf.
  8. pudidotdk

    Fireworks: The Art, Science And Technique.

    Thank you very much stinje, I've been looking for that and wanted to read it :D
  9. pudidotdk

    Another odd way to make BP

    You wha..?
  10. pudidotdk

    Dragon eggs

    Has anyone tried the dragon egg comp: 9......Bi2O3 1......Mg/Al (-100 mesh) 1......CuO Or the prime: 7.....KClO4 2.....Mg/Al (-200 mesh) 1.....Red Gum ??
  11. pudidotdk

    Dragon eggs

    Hmmm, those crackling microstars didn't sound very loud... What mesh magnalium did you use?
  12. pudidotdk

    Spherical shell's

    Nice pictures Also check my tutorial: http://www.pyroguide.com/index.php?title=3...santhemum_shell
  13. pudidotdk


    Jup, it's mine. Made the video yesterday :P
  14. pudidotdk


    http://break.com/index/how-to-start-a-fire-using-water.html Earned 400$ on that video Sorry if I'm not allowed to post English posts here
  15. pudidotdk

    First homemade rocketĀ“s!

    If the outerpart of the charcoal is crumbly and soft and the inner part uncarbonized you might need smaller pieces of wood. How big are your sticks and your cooler roughly?