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    Hi Pyros

    Hi I'm Gargamel, I'm not dutch but also in central europe. Since there are not many serious pyros in europe and especially not in my country I thought I'd take a look in here. I do this for almost 4 years now, never very intense, but a little here and there... I'm only interested in homemade stuff. Sorry, I don't speak your language, but i can mostly see what you mean I hope it is allowed to post in english here? ps: Ich kann auch auf deutsch posten, wenn euch das lieber ist.
  2. gargamel

    19,7mm rockets

    Do I understand correctly, the tubes are self rolled? I have the same 19,7mm tool here, only tube supply is not easy since René is out of business. I don't have a press and I ram them too. But I found the raliability is not so good, especially nozzled. Nozzleless is better, but if the fuel is hotter then 75/15/10 (GREENMIX but good charcoal) the explode. I allways topfused them. Good luck for your test