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    Translation and Downloading

    Thankyou for the link, Gamekeeper. When I click on the WinHTTrack link the site has many versions listed that I can download. I'm not very good at using computers, so could someone tell me exactly which version would be the best one to use if I want to copy an entire website, and then I will put it on a DVD. I want to do this because here in Australia the laws are getting more restrictive, and they might start banning some websites from being available in the future. I would be very sad if this happened, as I would lose access to a wonderful group of people. I would also lose access to the great information your members supply in such a friendly way. Any help or suggestions on which version or edition of WinHTTrack I should use would be deeply appreciated. Thanks again to all of your fantastic members, Davidus.
  2. Davidus

    Translation and Downloading

    Thanks to all of the members for your quick and helpful replies. This is the most polite, sensible and intelligent forum I have ever had the pleasure to visit! Your site and the manner in which you stay on the topic of Pyrotechnics and don't post unrelated silly rubbish is refreshing and great to see. Keep up the good work on this truly wonderful site, and thanks very much again to everyone. Davidus.
  3. Does anyone know how to translate the rest of this great site into English? Also, is it allowed or possible to download the whole pyro site, or parts of it, as a whole, like an archive? Thanks in advance, Davidus. ;)