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  1. berbez

    Visco Fuse Machine

    Source: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xete7t yes I tested the fuse, but I expect nitrocellulose lacquer but the machine does not work too well ^ ^ I currently have a problem with the rubber band, I tested it with string, as I have a pulley plastic pulley handles badly: ((not suspended pulley) sorry for the translation into French to English: test homemade visco sans Nitrocellulose.mp4
  2. berbez

    Visco Fuse Machine

    Hello yes I will change its Tyneman friend =) I have a question what's M8?
  3. berbez

    Visco Fuse Machine

    Hello everyone, Firstly a huge thank you for Erniz tutorial video =) I also tested to make my own machine visco ^^ it does not work on top yet, but its bit helpful (usable), I await delivery of my lac Nitrocellulose, for a real test. I added pictures and video, I'm still buy pulleys with belt etc ... .... For perfect operation, I can just tinker ^^. But I intend to call a professional for machined metal parts, pressed the machine more stable and accurate. The engine and supplying 9v or 12v sufficient. The first disc must rotate two to three times faster than the second disc I must settle it with me ^ ^ problem, I large loss of powder, I will also edit a 1.5mm drill on the first disc http://www.monsterscooterparts.com/24v10mowsp.html MODEL: MY6812 by JX Motor Co., Ltd. TYPE: Brush VOLTAGE: 24 Volt DC RATED SPEED: 2300 RPM RATED CURRENT: 6A SPROCKET: 3M Belt OUTPUT: 100 Watts homemade visco machine.mp4