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  1. Yawznug

    Jumping Cracker

    Flash powder would destroy the casing, there's no point really thinking about it. Sorry for bumping an old topic but I gave this project a few attempts to find them all unsuccessful. I find that you would need a very thick layer of black powder for it to work. Using this method mine only sizzle through the paper. But then I just decided to get some meal and make a line of it and fold it. (So no wetness). I glued the ends shut with the fuse in one end and then proceeded to fold it into a zig-zag. Later that night, due to the fact it does not need to be dried. I tested it and it worked perfect giving a loud bangs and actually jumping. So if you could not get it working I recommend trying this way. But this does have it's downs... the black powder can move and fall out. But if your careful and can fold it without moving the black powder side to side this method should work.
  2. Yawznug

    Problems With Mgal Making

    Looks very good. I need to make some MgAl soon due to the fact I want Crackling Micro Stars. Would aluminum cans be "pure" enough as the source of aluminum
  3. Yawznug

    Gadday Mate.

    Yeah. Very. This forum has heaps of information but the English section looks dead. Does most people here speak Dutch?
  4. Yawznug

    Gadday Mate.

    Hey Everyone, I have been interested in pyrotechnics for quite a while now. As you may of guessed from my Topic Title, Yes I am from the land down under, Australia. I am nineteen years old and enjoy pyrotechnics a lot. My specialty in pyrotechnics would have to be aerial shells. I am not a fan of flash powder + it is difficult to obtain chemicals over here. I am quite exprienced and enjoy chemistry and I seem to have a variety of information up in my head. So I will do my best to answer all questions. I currently want to make a Visco Fuse Machine due to the fact it is illegal to buy fuse over here without a good reason. I am a member of a few pyrotechnic forums and some names here are familiar. I like the quality of posts around here as I don't see too much of the same question tossed around here a lot. That's about it. Take care guys and I look forward to reading + replying to threads around here. Regards, Gunzway