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  1. qazwsx

    Half Inch Shells

    I was wondering if anyone had any experiance making half-inch mortar shells. They seem too small for normal shell construction. Any tips on making them would be appreciated.
  2. qazwsx

    Homemade Black Powder

    I recently decided to attempt and make my own bp. I am making sulfurless bp, mostly for fuse. I just made a quick batch with a motor and pestel for about 2 minutes. This made terrible bp as expected, but this was just to make sure the stuff would burn. I have some questions. My bp leaves a white powders residue after it burns. What could cause this? Leftover KNO3? Also after a bonfire there are black logs left over. I have been using this as my charcoal. We don't let our fires totally burn out, so could this actually be charcoal. What does charcoal feel like? And how can i identify it from the regular ash? Thanks for your help.