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Lead azide is less sensitive to impact and friction. Also pure lead nitrate is a lot easer available and a lot cheaper than silver nitrate.

Also, with lead azide there's the possibility of forming complex salts with basic lead picrate, basic lead styphnate and lead nitrate to form even less sensitive salts that take just about the same ammount to initiate PETN.

IMO it's totally not interesting to take a primary explosive that preforms a little better but is also more sensitive, while when using a saver alternative, you can still make like 20 dets a 1 gram.

But yeah, it's nice testing such compounds. Try silver nitrotetrazole! :D

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Hey so does anybody have experience extracting the azide from car airbags? This seems to be a bountiful source if you're willing to find the right type of airbag for the azide pellets. I have received reports of up to 200g of azide per airbag in larger American cars; easily enough for some 600 0.5g blasting caps.

Been busy recently, so I haven't been able to find cheap, old airbags. The majority want up to 70US per bag, which is just ridiculous. I wouldn't think they would be able to actually sell these airbags off, but I have been told otherwise.

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