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Scrap torch

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Red Bengal Road Flare (Torch)

I`ve made a little road flare out of „worthless junk chemicals" (techn. Sr(NO3)2 approx. 170µm, oxidized Mg/Al 60µm, parlon 100µm, old paper tube).
First i mixed Mg/Al to Parlon, then i added Sr(NO3)2 und shaked the composition.
After shaking i rammed it into the tube using a hammer.
It has been ignited using magnesium powder and simple 2mm green chines visco.
As you can see it burns really fast. Next time I will bind it with acetone (I tested less than ten grams pressed in the tube. About 700g of the comp are left. Time to make a big one ;-) ).
The comp has got the following ratios (i used the tenfold, because i found 312g Sr(NO3)2 to kill :-D) :

Sr(NO3)2: 31,2g

You can change the ratio, it`s a really variable.
E.g. you can replace Mg/Al with Mg.

Add some S, KClO4 OR KClO3 to increase burning rate, change Sr(NO3)2 into SrCO3 or SrSO4.
Other „junk videos will follow.

Enjoy, rate and comment, please. Edited by Pyroe@gle

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That is almost exactly what I made three days ago. I used Mg and put it in a PVC tube. Unfortunetly with this tube a lot of smoke developed and the color was more white then red. Useless compo for stars unles you have a 5T press and a good plate, but very cool for torches!

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Well, I tested it in a PVC pipe too and it was horrible. The PVC really hided the colour. Next time i`m going to use paper tubes.

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