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Direct translation of the current (Dutch) rules:

General Forum Rules:
  • Do you have a question? Use google and the forum's search function first. People don't like answering questions they have already answered to other people. Search before you post or make a new topic.
  • Use proper English! Overall the moderators are pretty easy on gramatic/spelling errors because English isn't their first language and sometimes they aren't very good at it themselves. Do not, I say do not make errors on purpose, this doesn't make you look cool, only stupid (example: cuzz instead of because, rollin' instead of rolling). The look of your post plays a bigger part, make it look nice and organized like I did in this post. When you post reactions you must use sub and super script (KNO3 instead of KNO3). This is done by putting message or message . (wthout the spaces) in your message. Although it's hard to write in perfect English, try it anyway!
  • Respect eachothers oppinions and findings! Don't intentionally insult/provoce/annoy other members. In case of a fight mods will solve the problem, mods are always right. Don't argue with mods, if they do something very wrong you should notify Gamekeeper. A mod's will is law. Treat others as you like to be treat yourselve!
  • Don't spam/postboost! Postboosting is defined as maki ngunnecessary posts wether to boost your posts or not (single messages such as Ok, and Alright are concidered postboosts). Be informative in your posts!
  • Make up a good title for your topic! If you have a question which is totally unrelevant to already treated subjects (no topic about it) you should first search on internet then with the forum search engine. No results? Ok you're safe to make a topic now, your question is about the synthesis of AP (this is treated in the Dutch section, you can still ask about it here). Because there are no topics about AP you should call the topic 'AP', not 'question about AP', not 'question'. When you call your topic 'AP' you keep it general just start the topic with your question. Don´t make a topic for unimportant matters!
  • Don't talk about your sources openly! You are not allowed to reveal sources for certain chemicals, you can´t ask for sources, and you can´t reveal data about sources. Data would be exact prices and product number which can be used to find a source easily. You are allowed to talk about sources in PM!
  • Stay on topic! Don't create sideroads, stay to the original question/story from the topicstarter (TS). Meaning that in a topic called BP you should NOT discuss beer. Keep the forum organized!
  • No k3wl topics! A k3wl is defined as someone who is in here mainly for explosions. The only thing he wants is a way to create a fast and as dangerous as possible bomb, they don't care about the afety level. Only react/make topics if you're serious!
  • Commercial adverts and discounts are not allowed! We don't care if, according to you, our computers suck (we've had a live example of this one). This is a forum not a market!
  • Don't speak anything but English in the English sections of this forum.
Rules concerning UploadDir:
  • No pictures bigger than necessary - guideline is 1024x768 pixels.
  • Don't make your movies too big - guideline is 8MB.
  • Absolutely no files that have nothing to do with pyro such as: music, games, porn, etc. Doing so will result in losing your upload permission and in serious cases a forum ban.
Translated by Mesh5, approved by Gamekeeper.
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