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Found 1 result

  1. De vraag was. Kan je D1 glitter gebruiken boven de core van een vuurpijl? Dit geeft een mooie tail. (sorry ging iets niet goed bij het moderaten. grtz Rocketier) Ja, D1 Glitter Source: Tom Rebenclau/Jack Drews and from Alan Yates Composition: 53 Potassium Nitrate (corrected from 58 on some forums) 18 Sulfur 11 Charcoal (airfloat) 7 Aluminium (-325 mesh, spherical) 7 Sodium Bicarbonate 4 Dextrin Preparation: The composition designer suggests dampening with 6% plain water with 1 part of boric acid dissolved in it when pressing comets or pumping stars. It need not be ball milled if your components are already sufficiently fine, just screen together, moisten and granulate through a coarse sieve ready for pressing/pumping. Comments I used it as delay for a 3/8 rocket. It was about 50% slower than RP. It didn't require priming for a light burst but priming would likely be necessary for a hard break..