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  1. I am running just one Pyro holiday next year 2017.

    A special 21 day holiday that takes in the best pyro events in Thailand including rocket festivals, line rat competitions and Talai launches. As always we will be spending time at my workshop building shells and shooting all kinds of pyro.

    Great food, amazing fireworks and some superb trips around the country to places of interest will make this the best holiday we have organized in the past 5 years.

    I already have one guy from this forum reserved his place and another couple interested. We only have 7 places available so if you want in on this you will need to book early.

    Exact dates are not set in stone yet as I need to juggle dates to get in all the events we plan to visit but we are looking at beginning the holiday at the end of April.

    Cost/booking conditions can be found on my website.

    Partners not keen on the pyro side are most welcome, we will have activities planned for them during our building time at the workshop.

    I just put together a video compilation of clips taken over the past 5 years of holidays to give an idea of what to expect.


  2. I am now taking bookings for our Pyro Holidays in 2016.

    I am running 2 holidays next year, one in May the other in Nov/Dec.

    If you want to see big rockets and Talai then May is the best choice. During the Nov/Dec holiday you will still see rockets but they will be much smaller.

    During the May 2 weeks we will spend time at my workshop in Sakgeow Province building cylinder shells as well as taking 2 exciting trips upcountry. The first is a four day excursion to Yasathon where we will visit the biggest rocket festival in the country. This trip guarantees we will see launches of the largest rockets and Talai made in Thailand. The province is close to the Laos border about 8 hours North East of Bangkok. Our second trip will be to Pathumthani where each year they stage a spectacular giant line rat competition. We will be hiring a comfortable luxury minibus to travel around the country.

     A week at my workshop building cylinder shells culminating in a display on a large secluded plot of private land will make this a holiday you will never forget. As always the holiday includes great food and accommodation as well as great sights and Thai culture. We have one couple from the U.S.A confirmed already so have just 6 more places available.

    As with last years holiday the dates are not yet set in stone but the May holiday will most likely around the 10th to 24th  and the Nov/Dec dates around 22st Nov to 6th Dec.  You can of course plan for a longer trip and fit the 2 weeks with us into your schedule.

    I will be posting more information here in the coming weeks and prices and booking conditions are shown on my website.

    This video compilation gives you some idea of what to expect. The clips and photos were taken during holidays over the past 4 years.


  3. Having trouble pasting into the thread above. The following link shows a lot of tutorial videos of how I made these 85 shells over a 2 month period.


    We have just announced dates for our 2015 Pyro Holiday sessions.

    3 during the months of April. May and June and for the first time one session in December. Holidays are 7, 10 and 14 day duration

    Make shells yourself like the ones in the display video and see the worlds biggest rockets and Girandolas being made and launched during a 2 day Rocket festival where we will be firing the shells we make. Lots of Pyro fun, making shells, fireballs, line rats, catherine wheels as well as experiencing the amazing Thai rural countryside and of course great Thai food. Checkout my website for full details

  4. I did a small display for a rocket festival here last week. 85 shells; all cylinder shells 3 to 8 inch witha few multi breaks. The building of the these shells took me over 120 hours spread over a 2 month period making B.P lift, burst and stars from scratch. I documented a lot of the building work with videos and put them on my Youtube channel. If anyone is interested to see how these shells were made the link is below.

  5. We coming into our third year now of running our Pyro Holidays in Thailand. This year we are fully booked and a group of 6 Australians arriving in June for 18 days completes this years season. I say season as we run the holidays only during the months of April, May and June to coincide with the local rocket festivals taking place in the countryside around our workshop.

    Bookings are now being taken for 2014 limited to 6 people per month. We offer a discount for groups of 4 or more and I will give a 10% discount for anyone who is a member of this forum. We build mostly cylinder shells and if time permits other devices like fountains, mines, wheels and rockets. We take days off building to visit rocket festivals near the shop where giant Thai black powder rockets and girandola type devices are launched. Some of these rockets weigh up to 1000kg and are only found here in Thailand.

    This is an unique holiday, making fireworks and shooting them, BIG rockets, great food and a whole lot of fun.

    I just updated some of my website pages and some short videos, pictures and testamonials can be found on this link.


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  6. A couple of cylinder shells I fired over the New Year holiday.

    I have places on our building holiday available only in May and June now so book now for the holiday of a lifetime.

    8 inch red Crossette

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/QDwPx-6n-wg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    6 inch Charcoal and Green

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/7pu23eLg7bY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    • I hope it is ok to post this here and Sorry the post is in English.
    • From a post on Passfire 3 months ago

    I have have had quite a few people ask me over the past months if I had any of the Hemp twine left that I was selling last year.
    Last years is all gone leaving me with a lifetimes supply of 1.0 and 1.5 mm for myself but I will order a new load if there is enough demand. Last year Passfire members ordered over 150 Kg in 1.0 and 1.5 mm sizes. I had nothing but good feedback from the buyers afterwards.
    Very good quality strong Hemp in 1.0 and 1.5 mm sizes. Perfect for shell spiking, tying nosings, constructing Girandolas or even using around the garden.

    Minimum order 5Kg (you can mix 1.0 and 1.5 sizes)
    Cost 18 USD per Kilo
    Approx length of twine
    1.0 mm 3100 feet
    1.5 mm 1700 feet
    Breaking strength
    1.0 mm 34 lb
    1.5 mm 55 lb
    Shipping cost.
    Up to 5 Kg 7.90 per Kg
    Over 5 and up to 10 Kg 6.70 per Kg
    Over 10 and up to 20 Kg 5.60 per Kg
    Shipped by surface mail that takes up to 8 to 12 weeks to reach USA from Thailand
    Since posting the above on Passfire I have tentative orders for around 150 KG and will be closing the sale in a weeks time. To those people who said they wanted some I will contact you by email in the next week and will be placing the order with the manufacturer at the end of this month.
    I expect delivery in Thailand around the first week of the new year and if you order you can expect to recieve it in March of next year.

  7. We still have a few places left for next years Pyro Holidays. June is now fully booked but there are places available in May and July of 2013.

    Here is a video of fireworks made by our holiday makers from May 2012.
    All the guys on this holiday had never made a firework before in their lives. Here is a short video showing some of their work.


    A 5 inch single break shell with inserts.


    And cylinder shell assembly.


    Shell Pasting.


  8. Nice translations, not perfect but understandable. Google does it's job. :)

    I believe I once saw a movie with a girandola size of a nice treetrunk. Yep, if it's up to BIG you Thai people know some nice tricks. :D

    Yes google translate works pretty well for some languages. I don't think you need a translation your English is good but I translate it for others on the forum, after all this is a Dutch forum. By the way I am not Thai I am English :)

    No parachute yes....when they are launched everyone is looking to see where they will come down!

    Ja Google Translate werkt vrij goed voor alle talen. Ik denk niet dat je een vertaling nodig je Engels is goed, maar ik het te vertalen voor anderen op het forum, na dit alles is een Nederlands forum. Oh en ik niet Thai ben ik ben Engels :)

    Geen parachute ja .... als ze worden gestart iedereen is op zoek om te zien waar ze naar beneden komen!

  9. Powder is rammed into tube with a hydraulic press using about 8000 psi on the composition.
    Poeder wordt geramd in de buis met een hydraulische pers met behulp van ca. 8000 pond werking op de samenstelling.

  10. Tube has approx 4 1/2 kg of very coarse B.P pressed into it. 2 holes for the nozzles are offset about 7 degrees.
    It burnt for almost a minute. This is the smallest size I have seen made in Thailand some are over 40 feet diameter.
    Thanks for deleting the double post I could not find the delete button. Hope the translation makes sense.

    Tube heeft ongeveer 4 1/2 kg zeer grof BP drukte in. 2 gaten voor de sproeiers worden gecompenseerd ongeveer 7 graden.
    Het verbrand bijna een minuut. Dit is de kleinste maat die ik heb gezien in Thailand sommige zijn meer dan 40 foot diameter.

  11. If you love fireworks this is the holiday for you.
    14 days learning how to build cylinder shells in sizes 3 to 6 inch single and multibreak as well as firing your own shells on a tropical beach. Visit Thai giant rocket and Girandola builders and see them made and launched. All this plus great food, sights excursions and famous Thai hospitality make this the trip of a lifetime.
    Our April and May sessions are fully booked but we have a few places available still in Nov/Dec this year. Each holiday session is strictly limited to 5 people.
    Visit www.bangkokpyro for full details

    New pages on the site include an overview of shell building tools and information on paper, glue and string as well as a supplies page for hobby firework makers listing for sale in small quantities and bulk most of the chemicals used for fireworks.

  12. I believe he only makes rocket tooling with a max OD of 1 inch now.
    If you send me your email address I can contact him for you, that is if you were intending to buy a tool from him and not just copy his design!

  13. I hear from a Dutch friend that the law in Netherlands has changed making it a far more serious offence to be caught making fireworks now.
    I don't know what the new law says but this is sad news and a blow to hobby firework making in general. The countries where this hobby is tolerated seem to be shrinking fast now.

  14. After a delay of a couple of months I now have my new website www.bangkokpyro.com up and running.
    I will be adding a lot of cylinder shell building information in the coming months as well as some tutorials and videos. The site curently has information about wooden case formers we sell as well as the 14 day shell building pyro holidays we will be starting later this year.

  15. I am opening a Pyro Holiday company here in Thailand where for 14 days participents can learn how to build cylinder shells in sizes from 3 to 6 inch single and multibreak. A hands on course where you will make all the B.P for lift and burst , stars, casings etc etc. After 10 days of building we take you on a trip upcountry to see giant rockets being build and launched. Each trip is limited to 4 persons and we run the holiday just 5 times per year. Our first holiday is planned for Dec this year and I have 3 places available at present. Our website www.bangkokpyro.com should be up and running in around 2 weeks time and has all the details on it. If anyone wants information before the website is online they can contact me at bangkokpyro@hotmail.com


  16. Thanks for posting the video Tynman,
    Yes that is the rocket shown in the pictures. If any of you guys want to see them being builtand fired as well as learning to build and shoot cylinder shells I am starting 'Pyro Holidays ' later this year. Build yourself and shoot 3 to 6 inch Traditional style cylinder shells single and multibreak for a week and visit Thai rocket builders on a 3 day upcountry excursion.
    Full details will be on my website currently under construction www.bangkokpyro.com. Courses are only going to be run 4 times per year and for a max of 4 people per time.

  17. Bigger Thai B.P rocket. This one is just over 1 mt long 2 inch ID and weights 6 Kg and is considered a small rocket (the big ones contain over 100KG of comp. These guys make and launch rockets every weekend and gamble on the time it take from launch to the rocket coming back to the ground.

  18. Constructed from nothing but an elastic band, piece of tissue paper, reed, and the outside casing from a Banana plant flower it has to be the most basic bottle rocket I've ever seen.

    Step one. Wrap up 1 gram of B.P composed of unmilled ingredients including some 50mesh charcoal in a piece of tissue paper forming a little conical section at the end ( fuse).

    Step 2. Wrap the tissue in a 3" x 1" piece of dried Bamboo flower casing.

    Step 3. Attach the 'motor' to a 1/16 inch thick 24 inch long piece of reed with an elastic band.

    It flies surprisingly well to a height of around 100 feet. The 1 gm of comp burns pretty slowly taking about 2 seconds to burn when lit in a pile on the ground.

  19. I have some special offers on my case formers for the next 3 months only.

    I have over 150 formers in different types of wood and sizes from 1 1/8 OD up to 16 inch

    Take a look at some of them on this site postage cost on te site is for USA and Canada but if you contact me I will send you a total price to send to Netherlands also.\

    Some of the formers on the site are unfinished. They have been turned and sanded super smooth but no laquer applied they are a special cheap price as you have to finish them yourself with stain or laquer.


  20. Bangkokpyro, did you put some of those stars in a shell? Did they survive the break?

    Yes sure they survived the break... they are like concrete when dry.
    I always use cut stars. Just add enough Acetone to the mixed comp in a stainless steel bowl till it's tacky and like bread dough and knead it together for a minute, roll it to the thickness of the star you want and cut it into cubes with a straight edge sharp knife.
    It's important that the PVP is fine mesh.... around 200 mesh or finer or It's not going to bind well and you need to buy your PVC powder already fine as you cannot grind or mill it any finer later. Magnalium for these stars also needs to be very fine 325 to 400 mesh works best.